PE Vision Statement

PE Vision Statement

As part of a coastal county as well as one with a strong sporting heritage, the Keskowethyans Multi Academy Trust engages all pupils in adventurous, cultural, creative and traditional sporting opportunities. Our PE curriculum covers 12 sporting disciplines each year and extends these pathways with extra curricula clubs, community links and competition pathways.

Our KS2 PE curriculum offers in excess of two hours of PE each week and KS1 complete two hours. Pupils engage in blocks of sailing, swimming, dance, gym, team and individual sports as well as offsite enrichment days and school camp. We focus on developing enjoyment and confidence through enabling pupils to recognise and celebrate their achievements and encourage their appetite for new challenges. We develop fundamental skills to transfer between sports and nurture valuable life skills in working successfully towards personal goals, group work and leadership responsibilities. A combination of these key beliefs, an enthusiastic staff team, a PE specialist and a county full of opportunity ensures Keskowethyans offer sporting pathways for every pupil to take on into the future.

Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 take part in weekly sailing run by the "HRCST" (Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust), in the summer term and first half of the autumn term.  We are very fortunate that our children are able to take part in this fantastic learning opportunity.

Learning to swim is essential for our children, living near the coast and spending so much of their leisure time on the beach and in boats. Swimming for the whole school takes place in the summer term and first half of the autumn term. All pupils work for the STA Watermanship and Distance Awards. These awards give them a great sense of achievement and confidence. We swim at our local holiday park 'Sea Acres'.

Curriculum PE sessions are held twice a week with our PE Specialist and the class teachers.

Sports Premium Summary of Funding
and Impact Statement

 Item / project




Employ a PE subject specialist


Specialist to work with and upskill teachers' subject knowledge and confidence in PE.

All staff team taught and jointly planned with a PE specialist across their identified areas for PE development



Develop a broad PE curriculum and schemes of work.

A rolling biannual programme is developed covering two areas of PE each half term.



Deliver PE INSeT each half term.

All staff attend PE INSeT each half term.  Teachers enjoy and value the INSeT and report increased confidence in their PE delivery.  Pupil engagement in PE is very good.



Support and engage the least active children accessing new or additional sports clubs.

Target groups have been identified.  Two free after school clubs each week, promoting participation and active lifestyles. 



Run interschool sports competitions and develop pupil leadership opportunities.

A sporting champions' programme and Sports Leaders Award Scheme runs at Level 1 (within the school).  Pupils have five areas of competition / leadership to enter each month.

Level 2 (inter-school) competitions between the MAT, Cornwall School Games, Helston TAG, Cornwall Cricket and the Lizard Primary Schools Cluster.

Employ specialist sports coaches


Deliver and support lead dance, gymnastics and swimming competitions and performances.

  • Three night production of 'CATS' the musical dance production, as a combined five school production.
  • KS1 Gymnastics taster day off site at specialist gym centre
  • Swimming Gala and top up swimming for all >25m swimmers

Venue hire to extend competitions, performances and enrichment


Increase the range of activity provision and opportunity for all pupils.


For pupils to work alongside all the pupils of the five schools.

  • KS1 Beach Day at Kennack Sands.
  • Education outside of the classroom.
  • KS2 Adventure Day at Bishop's Forum - climbing, abseiling, kayaking and problem solving.  Pupils' increased self-esteem was notable.

Purchase PE equipment and Huff and Puff equipment


To enable pupils to complete a broad PE programme with a good ratio of equipment per pupil.

  • Uni hockey sticks
  • Seize 3 & 4 footballs and football goals
  • Size 5 basketballs and basketball posts
  • Size 5 netballs
  • Size 3 & 4 rugby balls
  • Team bibs
  • Orienteering markers
  • Tennis balls
  • Spot markers
  • Rounders posts and bats
  • Cricket windballs

 Joining partnerships


Join Youth Sports Trust for guidance and resources in PE leadership.  Attend PE conferences

  • YST Quality Mark (Silver)
  • Audit tools used
  • School Games Kite Mark Bronze

Paying for supply and professional development opportunities


Raise teachers' confidence and competence in PE teaching and train volunteers and lunchtime supervisors to enhance competitions.

Increased assistance with after school sports club from volunteers (tag rugby and cross country.)

Pupil breaktime behaviour improving with focused leadership roles running games.






Details of Sports Premium Impact

PE and Sport across KMAT in line with Ofsted and the Cornwall Sports Partnership recommendations for outstanding schools 2015-16.

  1. Curriculum delivery
  2. Diversity: cultural, competition, leadership, voluntary
  3. Lifestyles and health and well-being
  4. Community collaboration: cluster groups, club partners

Progress Summary

PE Curriculum


A rolling programme of study is in place across the MAT offering a diverse range of content over 2 years.  Staff are attending PE inset each half term to develop ideas to cover the skills and processes of the PE curriculum. Each school has a 2015 PE vision statement in effect. Schemes of work are in place for each school and will continue to be developed through 2016. Through 2013-16 teaching staff have been able to observe and team teach PE with Mr Studd (PE Specialist). Individual staff CPD needs were audited in November 2015.


Each school delivers 2hr of PE each week and in some cases exceed this when sailing and swimming. 1 hour of PE is delivered by our PE specialist and 1 hour by the class teachers and specialist coaches for swimming and dance. Our PE specialist taught all pupils throughout the year at Coverack, St.Martin and Manaccan, In the larger schools St.Keverne and Grade Ruan the PE specialist taught all pupils for 2/3 of the year. 

Engagement / Attainment:

All pupils actively engage in PE. There is no significant difference between the engagement levels of boys or girls or in pupils with or without SEN. The school reports showed most pupils’ with effort scores as good or very good and learning progress scores of expected or better than expected .No pupils were reported to need to improve their effort. In a few cases, progress was reported to need support. This is generally for children in reception who are still developing their motor skills. Swimming is taught in all schools. Of 42 year 6 leavers, 6 could not complete 25m 3 of whom could not complete 10m while 18 pupils able to swim over 50m. Swimming targets for year 5/6 were added to the 2015-16 PE action plan.


Pupil attainment remains unlevelled with the 2016 curriculum. Learning objectives in lessons are set for all, most and some to achieve. Pupils take part in self and peer evaluations as well as receiving teacher feedback with a focus on achieving personal bests. Progress and attainment is tracked throughout the year by the PE specialist and reports on annually. Pupils’ involvement in competitions is tracked by class teachers/secretaries. Pupil data relating to activity levels, leadership, attendance to new clubs, personal bests and completion of skills challenges is recorded as part of a celebration of Sporting Champions and Sports Leaders Award. This 5 school initiative is supporting break and lunchtime pupil leadership, behaviour and quality activity engagement.

For 2016/17 we will review our data collection process and quality of data collected to see if we need to use a more ICT based process such as the Me and My Lifestyle Survey.



Pupils across the MAT took part in an Enrichment Day off site.  KS2 pupils attended the BF Adventure Ccentre. This unique setting combined pupils from across the five schools together in the disused granite quarries and Cornish scrub land of Halvaso to test their wits and resilience in a day of challenge and adventure.  Pupil feedback comprehensively stated raised self-esteem: “I was better than I thought I would be…I was less scared than I thought I would be … I am more confident at… (adventure)”. All staff feedback had an element of surprise as the pupils they know so well had shone.  Quiet and shy pupils happily intermingled with pupils they did not know from the other five schools. Many not so likely pupils took the opportunity to put themselves forward to lead, co-operate and offer ideas.  Some usually loud or dominant pupils adjusted their mannerisms to learn from others around them and one epileptic pupil went the whole day without a single absence where normally she has them frequently all day.

KS1 first met as a five school MAT at a gymnastics day enabling pupils to meet one another for the first time and discover the fantastic local facility at the same time as having some fun.  A second MAT beach day led by teachers, gave pupils access to their local coastal heritage while engaging in learning out of the classroom.

School Camp ran for pupils in years 3 to 6. Pupils built on their experiences from the enrichment day and in camping, manage themselves away from home.  Most pupils took up this opportunity with:  108 of 133 attending camp.  BF Adventure is a good site for enrichment and camp, and would be suitable for use again in future years, perhaps on a 2 or 3 year cycle.

Further cultural activities include the five school dance production of CATS the musical, based on the works of TS Eliot and Grade-Ruan's May Day celebrations including maypole dances and song.


In 2014-15 the MAT held interschool competitions for years 3 to 6 in Football, Swimming, Basketball and Athletics.  A combined year 6 team played cricket for southwest Cornwall, and Coverack qualified for the Cornwall Tag Rugby finals.  All KS2 pupils also completed joint rehearsals and performed a five school dance production of CATS the musical. 

All schools were able to attend MAT fixtures with Coverack winning the football, Grade Ruan won the swimming gala plus sports day and St.Martins won the basketball. 

Developing elite teams across our MAT in cricket and football proved difficult due to short warning from outside organisers and strain on transportation across five schools.  This was also our first year outside of the cluster schools which enabled class teachers to organise, manage and referee a range of competitions. While the competitions went very well and were enjoyed by all, more competitions need to be offered in 2015-16. Re-joining the cluster schools will add depth to our competitions and extend this to KS1. 


A sporting champions and sports leaders award scheme is now running across the five schools.  St Martin and Manaccan have the scheme well under way. The remaining three schools need a little more support to get it up and running.  The award scheme helps us track the range of activities pupils are engaging in both in and out of school, as well as identify the least active pupils.  Leadership skills are built into the monthly skills challenges throughout the award scheme and, at Level 5, complete sports leadership.  Three pupils across the partnership have completed Level 1 this year.

15 year 6 pupils put themselves forward to lead the KS1 Sports Day at Grade-Ruan this year. Year 6 pupils from Grade and St Keverne have led KS1 PE on two occasions this summer.  The pupils have shown they have the aptitude and maturity to manage sports leadership and make the activity fun for the pupils. At Manaccan, year 3 pupils also embraced the role in supporting and leading KS1 in the summer PE. 


The culture across our 5 small schools to help out is essential to making things happen. Pupils have always stepped forward without asking to help set up or pack down lessons or competitions. Parents and staff also play a key part in transporting pupils to and from events or school sites.

Lifestyles and health and wellbeing

Fitness, nutrition/obesity, bullying cyber safety:

93% our pupils live healthy active lifestyles but there are >7% who don’t perceive themselves as doing so. This minority do engage in activity but they don’t perceive what they do as active e.g. horse riding, playing tennis in the garden with family. When asked, these pupils felt that they had access to clubs in and outside of school. 

Beyond Mr Studd's sports club, the range of sports clubs offered by teaching staff and parent volunteers varies across the five schools and, in most cases, run for short period prior to a competition.  It is worth noting that the Government is currently considering with Sports England how to engage pupils in five hours of activity a week.

These are the percentages of pupils from years 1 -6 currently taking part in the ‘active lifestyles’ afterschool sports clubs:


10 of 29


St Keverne

16 of 47


St Martin

8 of 23



11 of 34



12 of 62


Pupils’ activity level during free time is good across all schools. The opportunity to take part in or organise a more structured play or competition is starting to show. Further work needs to be done here with lunchtime supervisors.  Pupils learn health and fitness during PE lessons, with additional support on nutrition from Chartwells the catering firm, for example, the Ready Steady Cook afternoon.

Cyber-safety, bullying and sex and relationship education is covered with in the wider curriculum. In September 2016 Mr Studd will follow up further advice for overweight and obese pupils, reassess any barriers to our least active pupils and track the range of sports clubs teachers are offering.


Community collaboration

Cluster groups:

Re-joining the Mullion Clusters Schools extended the range and depth of competition available to pupils from our five schools.

In 2015 we were involved in the Helston Tag Rugby cluster, with Coverack reaching the County finals. Our year 6 played cricket in the south west Cornwall Schools.

Being part of the Cornwall School Games and Mullion Cluster gives pupils access to a greater range of competitors across a wider range of sports.  

Club partners:

Despite being remote on the Lizard, we have access to a very good range of facilities, locations, coaches and clubs.  This year we have worked with the Helford River Sailing Trust, Helston Rugby Club, Mullion Gymnastics, Squid Schools Swimming instructors, Bikeability and BF Adventure. We also have access to Poldhu Surf School, Helston Football Club, Stithians Reservoir, Ruan Rascals football club, numerous riding clubs, dancing/tap schools, Judo  and have good community facilities for swimming, tennis, climbing, gig rowing and Helston Leisure Centre's facilities and classes.

Additional areas outside of Ofsted’s focus


The playground spaces in each of the 5 schools currently make good use of their spaces and have good fixed equipment to play on.  Each school would still benefit from some thought and investment being made on the markings of the school playground to divide play areas, skills training areas and competition zones apart. Manaccan’s playground tarmac in need of attention as the tarmac is starting to come away. A recent sink hole has also appeared on Grade-Ruan's playground.  Mr Studd is working with Emma Gooding (parent) to gain quotes and bids to develop Manaccan's grounds.

Equipment for each school has been purchased termly to cater to the range of content on our PE programme of study and the competitions we have run. Further equipment is needed in 2015-16 indicated in the costings at the end of this report.  

  • PE sheds and Huff and Puff storage for break time play still require finishing.
  • Coverack, St Keverne and St Martin have good storage.
  • Manaccan's shed will need repair to waterproof the roof as soon as funding is available.
  • Grade-Ruan requires a PE shed and designated Huff and Puff storage.

Auditing/external verification

In July 2015 we completed the Youth Sports Trust PE and Sports survey for our MAT. The results comparing us with national date will be shared as soon as we receive it.

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