St. Martin-in-Meneage - School Closure Announcement

18th December 2017

Following a formal consultation period earlier in the year, the trustees of the Keskowethyans Multi Academy Trust applied to the Department for Education recommending the closure of the school due to a sustained decrease in the number of pupils attending the school. The Department for Education's decision to terminate the school's funding agreement has now been received. This means that the school will close on 31st January 2018 and will not reopen in February. Copies of letters from the Department of Education and the Keskowethyans MAT about the closure are available below. Further details of this process can be found on the St. Martin-in-Meneage school website by following this link:
The trustees are very aware that this is a very sad announcement. The school has a long and proud history and has meant a great deal to many children, parents, carers and staff over the years. 

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